how easy it is to walk in the snow matching the left foot to the left foot for the patter of drawing the whole work, one side and then the other, look and the fill in all in video.

and then the Valentines process continues to have a full heart.

Valentines are a stylized heart; in the very late moment of the bright setting sun I walked  on to the snow covered pond on the very east end that is still in the line of the sun.  I realize I have to walk in and straight toward the sun and then made the right lob around and walking back to the point.  The left side.. can I make it equal in size, I watch with my eye walking around, and then down the center line in the same footsteps.   back to photograph ... that is enough for the simplicity of Valentine's Day.  

and then we had another snow that covers all making the crusted snow soft as I came to make a Valintiens work... there the triable is soft....three days old.  

and then the lagoon in Greenfield Park is pretty long so I walk farther west to a large open area where the snow is very beautiful ...pristine this very late afternoon February 11th.  


running the gamut of geometry on the snow and thinking of the patters..first was a cross of squares here is a triangle of triangles made in the afternoon February 11, in Greenfield Park, West Allis, Wisconsin

More close to where I live, in Greenfield Park, West Allis, where I used to ice skate, but now the snow is not cleared of anymore.. so on the sunny afternoon Februry 6th, I went there with an idea.  I just saw the ballet  Alice, Adventures in Wonderland and on the set was a labyrinth.  But then the first  drawing is a HALO with a four rayed cross.